Online Learning- Instructional Design


My innovation plan involves professional development in the use of blended learning in K-5 classrooms. My online course will provide stages 1 and 2 of my professional development plan in an effort to promote blended learning in the classrooms at my school. Teachers will learn about blended learning, collaborate with their peers and share learning experiences within Schoology.  A number of recommended tools and apps will be shared and modeled throughout the course and teacher feedback will provide evidence of the learning experience.

Desired Results

Teachers will understand the benefits of a blended classroom and will collaborate with one another as they share and experience tools and strategies that model the benefits of a blended classroom. Ultimately, all of the teachers in my building will use blended learning tools in their classrooms during the fall of 2017.  They will also be able to share artifacts from their classroom experiences (images, videos and other) with one another in a media library within the online course.


My audience is the teaching staff at my K-5 school which includes 23 classroom teachers. They will collaborate with their grade level teams (PLC’s) who will share their experiences and the tools they’ve found successful during this learning process.