Favorite Apps

These are some CREATIVE apps that I use in my current role as a K-5 technology instructor:

EdShelf – Creative Apps

I’m a big fan of FREE TOOLS, and I will share them here as I learn about them!

Glisser is a fabulous way of presenting to an audience in an interactive forum. The application is FREE for an audience of up to 150, but can accommodate more with one of two account upgrades. The beauty of the app is that during the presentation, audience members can log in to their own devices using a code. This allows them to  view the presentation slides in real time, asking questions, making comments, downloading slides they like, participating in polls, and even taking notes. I especially appreciate that the application will email an audience member’s notes directly to them at the end of the presentation. The presenter receives an email as well, with any data that has been collected by the audience. (shared 8/11/16)


Where was PhotoMath when my son was struggling with Algebra his freshman year? It makes it so easy for parents to help with homework. Available for iOS and Android, this free calculator app allows you to use your phone’s camera to read and solve math problems, providing solving steps and detailed instructions for those who need them. (The iOS version also recognizes handwritten formulas!) (shared 9/3/16)


I’ve been a fan of WatchKnowLearn since 2010, when I had lunch with Larry Sanger (co-founder of Wikipedia) and Charles Boone (the benefactor behind this awesome educational video library). These two wonderful gentlemen had a vision for teachers and students to create their own educational videos in the classroom and share them online with other classrooms. The site has taken on a life of its own since then, and teachers from all over the world have shared links to their favorite educational videos. Sort by age, subject, common core… it’s a great tool! (shared 10/23/16)