Creative Presentations

PowToon is easy to use, includes numerous objects, characters, settings and other tools with which to create engaging and fun presentations. They can be shared in video, of Powerpoint form.  (added 9/17/17)

Digital Citizenship Resources

Brainpop is a site I plan to use with my elementary students this semester. The site is very kid friendly, and includes videos, activities, and printable assignments to reinforce learning in my technology classroom. (added 9/17/17)

CreativeCommons is a go-to for crediting my own work, so that I can share it online with others, and authorize use or revision as I see fit. (added 9/17/17)

Common Sense Media includes reviews of apps and tools as they apply to my elementary students. This source also includes a digital citizenship curriculum and printable lessons for K-12 classrooms. (added 9/10/17)

NetSmartz is designed with young children in mind and provides students with videos, activities and lessons as they apply to digital citizenship and Internet safety. Students get to know Clicky, an animated character who, with his friends perform in music videos that get kids singing and dancing along to songs about digital citizenship. (added 9/10/17)

Webonauts Internet Academy is a PBS sponsored original online game that helps students to understand their roles as digital citizens. (added 9/27/2017)

Copyright Resources

Copyright Kids is a site that simplifies copyright laws. While the design of this site leaves much to be desired, I do like the fact that the information is easily explained. It’s a resource I will be using with my students next week. (added 9/24/17)

Fair Use Elevator is an interesting site that really calls your attention to all of the criteria that make a resource “fair use”. (added 9/24/17)

Cyber Bee This fun question and answer activity is something I would use as a discussion guide on a smart board with my students. (added 9/24/17)

Be Internet Awesome is a Google created game and curriculum for students. As they explore a world called Interland, they participate in activities about digital safety, kindness, privacy and literacy. (added 9/30/17)

Microsoft Training courses are available for educators (or anyone) and provide an opportunity for them to earn badges as they complete training in a variety of content areas, including digital citizenship. (added 9/30/17)

History of Copyright I taught a lesson to 4th and 5th-grade students and included some information about the Library of Congress, that allowed me to integrate history with technology.  (added 10//6/17)

Online Safety

Safe Online Surfing is offered by the FBI, and is a collection of online games designed for 3rd-8th grade students. Teachers can create an account, which will allow them to track student use. (added 9/30/17)

Social media

Online Shopping Statistics as they relate to social media really makes you think about how we are influenced without even realizing it. These statistics are from a 2016 study by UPS. (added 10/6/17)


Broadband Homework Gap is from 2015, but provides a pretty good view of the issue of internet access and how it affects students in the U.S. (added 10/6/17)



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