Using Schoology

I have chosen Schoology as my online learning platform, and have found it to be quite user-friendly. I am most impressed with the wide selection of tools and formats with which I can present instruction, and the fact that I can include Google apps and videos seamlessly within the program.

One struggle I have been having is in regards to the use of Office 365 with Schoology. A part of my innovation plan includes teaching educators how to use shared documents and folders with their students. Since my district uses Office 365 as our primary communication and collaboration platform, I have been spending a portion of my time exploring ways to merge it with Schoology. While it complicates my process, I do enjoy the challenge it presents. My efforts to maintain an authentic learning plan are leading me toward new learning experiences and potentially some new tools that I can use in my own classroom.

Another more immediate struggle I encountered this week was in the addition of materials to my online course. One unit will be focusing on exploring the apps available on the iPads in our building. As I tried to log into Jamf (our online app management system) this weekend, I discovered that service was “temporarily unavailable” because the system was being updated. ¬†As a result, I was unable to share images of my school’s apps catalog in Schoology. I plan to add these materials as soon as they are made available to me.