n artistic person, I’ve really struggled with designing this e-portfolio. I’m not all that familiar with the design tools available in WordPress, but even more importantly, committing to themes and schemes is hard for me. While I feel extremely satisfied with my design at the time of this post, I will likely be inspired to change repeatedly in the future. (I’m always thinking about how I could improve upon what I do.)

My blog started with a basic theme available with my free WordPress account.  I quickly realized that paying for an upgrade was in my best interest, as the customization options were quite limited for non-paying users. I must have spent twenty hours in my first week of my e-portfolio course just playing with themes and customization, before I found one that I thought best suited me.

I have some experience in CSS and HTML, and I thought it would be fun to personalize my page a bit more. But I struggled with how to use CSS in WordPress. I searched the topic, and found some information, but it wasn’t answering the questions I had. I used the online chat tool to discuss CSS with a WordPress representative, explaining that I wanted to add an image behind my title/header. He explained that the theme I had chosen couldn’t be edited in that way. Instead, he suggested, I could eliminate the title in the customization tools, and insert an image including the title in the header. That’s all I needed to hear. As an avid Photoshop user, I welcomed the opportunity to create a header of my own. It worked like a charm, and allowed me to personalize my page, making it look less like the template I had chosen.

One of my biggest challenges was in regards to menu items. What menu items to include, and where to include them were ever-changing decisions. A mid-term assessment from my professor helped me to confirm that I was moving in the right direction. She was spot on in her suggestions, and I’m glad she called attention to the inconsistencies in my links and titles.


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